Allow me to help curate the trip that you deserve.
Hi! I'm Stephanie, Owner and Travel Advisor.

Helping people plan their vacations and sharing the good vibes and feelings that a great travel experience can bring is one of my greatest passions.


During my own travels I have discovered that the beauty and diversity of the United States make it a wonderful place to take a vacation. The variety of landscapes - from majestic mountain ranges, rolling hills and rugged formations to Pacific and Caribbean island gems, there's something for even the most discriminating traveler to explore and enjoy - no passport required!

Why should you use a Travel Advisor?

We stay up to date on the latest travel news and trends to best serve our clients.

We care about your investment and will tailor your vacation to meet your budget and unique needs.

We are your advocate! Not only do we help take the stress out of the planning process, but in the case of an emergency or a mishap, we are here to help you through it and will present you with additional options if needed.

I have personally experienced hiccups in a couple of my own vacations and wished for the help that a travel professional can offer.  It's now my pleasure to offer that help to you.